There is no secret that in PTC  websites if you want to be succcessfull and make money the best way is to get referrals,to be organized,have a common sense ect but there are several ways to get refs that you can use

– Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ect are taking an important since long time. The traffic coming from such platforms is so big enough to see the biggest worldwide companies spending millions to manage their online presence. As well there are others good things to use social media: Networking !

– Youtube if you are good to make videos why not make an attractive one and promote your links in descriptions video there are millions users using Youtube 😉

– Traffic exchange: can aslo be a way to promote you refs links,you can aslo use the click exchange sections features in some ptc

– Forum post: some forums allow members to have a banners or clickable text as signature,this is aslo helpfull if you are active in the forum,of course don’t spam lol, some have aslo a section allowing members to post their personnal links to advertise,don’t spam but its the good way to promote links

– Emails: maybe you have a contact list in your email personnal:why not use it to send short email to your friends?

– Family: share Ptc sites with your family,but remember that they allow only one account per ip,don’t cheat

-Classmates: talk to them about Ptc that really pay what is it ect and ask them to join under you,i am sure they will be happy to earn money online with you

– Make blog: make a blog and promote your banner of your best ptc sites most of them don’t recquire any particular knowledges and can be easly done, Cashnhits offer to theirs members the possibility to make a simple blog specialy for ptc website;in fact you just need to give it a name and post your ref link and image banner,its very simple to use and you should look at it if you don’t want spend your time to create one or don’t know or just want a quick blog to promote your links,promote your blog in forum facebook twitter forum ect

 It is just some simple methods there are lot of others ways to advertise your link just lets go to your imagination :)