Another site from “Golden Group Company” Silverclix is a PTC created since severals months already.Silverclix have a clean and professionnal design and using EvolutionScript.There are currently a total of more than 67 000 members for a total payout of more 88 000$.You can find payment proofs from members regulary in their forum as well on the web.

You get paid to click advertisements,as usual,and there are many ads to visit daily.You can aslo watch videos,complete offers and tasks,play the Grid to earn cash prizes if you are a lucky personn.There is a referral program where you can earn a pourcentage of your referrals earnings(standarts members get 35%).The limit of direct referrals you can have as standart is 150. This is already a quite good amount.There is aslo differrents memberships avalaible to earn more.The minimum cashout is at $3 for your first payment, $2 for your second payment, ect. and you can request your payment with Paypal,Egopay,SolidTrustPay,PerfectMoney and Payza. The site is currently paying theirs members correctly without any valid problem.


Silverclix Informations & Details
★Click rates: $0.004-$0.003-$0.001 ★ Ads per day:~30
★ Refs earnings: 35% ★ Refs Limit:150
★ Min. Cashout:$3 ★ Payments via: Paypal-Payza-Okpay
Memberships Infos Advertising Options & Details
silverclix-advertising-options silverclix-advertising-options